Human Resources

In this category, the standards address all aspects related to human resources management, namely the following three areas: promoting a positive and equitable work environment, hiring, engagement and retention of staff, and managing volunteers and students. Listed below are the various standards within the main areas of Human Resources. For a more in-depth overview of this category, we encourage you to listen to the short video located in the right hand corner of this page.

Work Environment

  1. Our organization promotes a positive, equitable and safe work environment.
  2. Our organization promotes a positive staff relations climate.
  3. Our organization has a collegial working relationship with the union, if applicable.

Hiring, Deployment, Engagement & Retention

  1. Hiring practices are inclusive, transparent and effective.
  2. Our organization has a clear, fair, and effective performance management system.
  3. As an organization that values ongoing learning, we have strategies and resources for staff orientation, training & professional development.
  4. Our organization actively encourages staff engagement and innovation.

Managing Volunteers & Students

  1. Our organization has an effective volunteer and student management system that addresses both our needs and those of our volunteers and students, if relevant.